Iraq: Revolutionary Guards claim responsibility for rocket attack on Irbil


The Revolutionary Guards today claimed responsibility for firing rockets into Iraqi Kurdistan, confirming that they had targeted an Israeli “strategic center” and threatening Israel with new “catastrophic” retaliation.

“The ‘strategic center of the Zionist conspiracy and immorality’ was targeted by powerful advanced missiles of the Revolutionary Guards,” the Guards website said in a statement published by Sepah News.

According to the text, the Guards responded to “recent crimes of the Zionist regime”, referring to an Israeli attack on Monday in Syria, which resulted in the death of two officials of this body.

This morning, Kurdish security forces confirmed that 12 “ballistic missiles” fired “outside the borders of Iraq and more specifically from the east” targeted the US consulate in Arbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, located in the northern part of the country. , without causing casualties.

In a statement today, the Revolutionary Guards threatened Israel with “harsh, decisive and destructive responses to its crimes.”

For its part, Paris condemned “with the utmost vigor” the rocket attack on Irbil in Iraqi Kurdistan on Saturday night to Sunday, threatening to destabilize the entire region.

The attack “threatens the stability of Iraq and the region,” according to a press release issued by the French Foreign Ministry, which recalled its “commitment to Iraqi sovereignty, as well as to the stability of the autonomous region.” of Kurdistan within it “.

In addition, the French Foreign Ministry said that the ballistic missile attack threatens efforts to conclude talks focusing on Iran’s nuclear program.

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