The “pink plain” with the peach trees in Imathia came to life again after two years of pandemic – From 20/3 the actions start


More than eight billion flowers bloom each year on the fertile peaches plain of Imathia and are a first class opportunity for everyone, to … escape from everyday life and become for a while a part of the pink table created by the magic of nature.

After two years of forced inactivity, due to the coronavirus pandemic, but mainly against the snow and frost that hit our country, the peaches blossomed again this year in plain of Imathia and Veria Tourist Club (TOB) “got a job again”, organizing bike rides, walking routes and a photography competition.

“Spring has come again and we are ready to take to the streets and pour into the plain of Veria, where every year the blooming peaches create a vast pink sea! A phenomenon unique in the Greek countryside, equal to the blossoming cherries of Japan. It’s ours “Hanami”“the opportunity to live a few days in the flowers, to be reborn through the spring liveliness of nature”, TOB emphasizes in its announcement today, clarifying that the flowering of the trees has started and will be at its peak in the ten days from March 20.

Bicycle rides, walking routes and many pictures

The “menu” of this year’s TOB actions on the blooming peaches, which includes bicycle rides, walking routes, a photo and video contest, has as its starting point, the Elias park, the Sunday on 20/3.

Especially for those who love cycling, TOB has planned two routes along the blooming peaches, one that is addressed to everyone and one for the more … courageous. The route for everyone concerns a bike ride in the “heart” of the plain, which will take place on 20/3, starting at 10 in the morning, from Olive park. On this route, young and old cyclists will descend to the settlement of Mesi and crossing Kouloura will head to the village of Ammos. This bike ride on the blossoming peach trees is an easy route on asphalt, with a total route of 17 km. The route for the brave is 43 km long and will start, according to the organizers, from the village of Ammos, in the direction of the dam, the artificial lakes and straits of Aliakmonas.

For those who “vote” for a walk on the peach blossoms, the organizers recommend the participants to be equipped with a “hat, ice bucket and smartphone for photos” and note that during the trip those who wish will be able to learn about the cultivation of the peach.

The photo contest and video on the subject are in full swing “Flowering Peaches”. The competition is organized by TOB in collaboration with Association of Art Photographers of Central-Western Macedoniathe municipality of Veria and its support FUJIFILM Hellas. (Read in detail the announcement and all the useful information for the competition here: )

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