The 8 little things you can do now that the day is getting bigger


On Sunday the time changes once again and the spring season officially begins. In practice, this means that we will lose an hour of sleep, but we will gain more day, that is, more light, more time before night and of course, we will get closer to Summer. That in itself is enough to make us grateful for so much sleep that we will sacrifice this Sunday, so let us not panic.

This setting of the clock detunes many or leaves them indifferent. But, this is where a big BUT comes in. The change of time is what coordinates us with the seasons. How will we feel in the spring, if we do not go out, to smell the almond trees and the lilacs, if we do not see the colors of nature come to life, if we do not feel a little more the rays of the sun on us?

Winter is nice, I’m not saying but, it ‘s great. And it seems to us that it lasts a long time, precisely because it is dark and cold and keeps us in our “nests”. Especially the last two winters, with the pandemic and the intense weather phenomena, made us long a little more for spring and of course, summer.

That’s time for action. Below we suggest 8 little things you can do now that the day has grown.

Enjoy a terrace
One of the things I really miss about winter is sitting on my porch, drinking my coffee or eating with my friends at night. Think how perfect it is after a long day, to go home and relax on your balcony, with friends or even alone, while enjoying your evening and a glass of wine – we keep the beer for the hot summer evenings. A few candles, a little music and good mood.

Make a new morning routine
If you are not a morning guy again, then you can take advantage of the mornings. Wake up a little earlier, take a shower, take care of yourself, make a breakfast and enjoy it with your coffee. Alternatively, if you are an athlete, start the day with a short jog, yoga or whatever you prefer. Morning exercise has been shown to be beneficial for both the body and the mind. Energy, clarity and concentration are some of its most important benefits.

Give a spring note to the house
It is very important that the space we live in, calms us down and relaxes us. However, with the advent of spring, a change does not hurt. According to the architect and decorator Spyros Soulis, we do not need to get tired to bring this renewal to our home. A general cleaning – as my grandmother used to say -, a change in the curtains, to let in more light and a few flowers, will immediately change your mood. You can even add a little color by changing the sofa cushions, adding scented colored candles or vases and candlesticks.

He walked in the city
Urban walking is the most appropriate for the season, a new habit that you must integrate into your daily routine. In addition to being a way of exercising, even for those who do not have much to do with exercise, it is a liberating practice, both to decompress from the tension and stress of the day, and to reconnect with ourselves. us. Get your dog, coffee or juice and discover the neighborhoods of your city.

Discover your cooking skills
After a busy day the best thing is a dinner made by you for you. Even if you are not Akis Petretzikis, you can definitely prepare a simple meal. Search the Internet for easy and quick recipes, depending on your taste preferences and just follow the instructions. How wrong can things be? If you are a beginner or have no contact with the kitchen, prefer simple salads and light meals, such as French toast, muesli with nuts and fruits, pies with oats or various snacks with bruschettas, cold cuts and cheeses.

Take care of yourself more
As the seasons change our skin and hair have different needs. So, it’s time to take some time to renew your skincare. Look for the right products that will prepare your skin for summer. Exfoliation, hydration and sun protection remain on your beauty hack list. However, a change in the cosmetics you use is required. You can look for (if you have not already) organic products, which are eco friendly and cruelty free. You can also make an appointment with your dermatologist or beautician for a more radical renewal.

Do some cleaning in your closet
The truth is that, for many, organizing their wardrobe is a real chore. However, it is very important to have our closet organized. It is purely a matter of psychology.

When our wardrobe is tidy, with clothes that we really like, make us and wear, our daily life is facilitated. First of all, the first thing you need to do is see what you want and what you do not. Then what does it do to you and what does not. Whatever you put aside you do not store elsewhere. No. You put them in a bag, take them for recycling or give them away. And then, you can easily use this clearing as an excuse for shopping.

Adopt new habits
Many times we want to try new things, but either because we do not have time, or because we are tired, or simply because we postpone it, we never do it. Opportunity, then, as the day grows, to adopt new habits. We can look for ideas for books, go to the theater, take care of our plants, meet new people. The key is to take advantage of the growth of the day.

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