5 make up tips for a relaxed, clean look


For those of you who find the make-up around the eye area complicated, below you will find some tips to discover your own needs based on the shape and color and to get to know some of the products that will make your life easier.

1. Highlight

If you want to get a bright and relaxing look, you will need a highlighter for your “weapon”. First, apply a little concealer on the eyelid with a brush. Spread very well until fine lines and irregularities disappear. Apply highlighter to the inner and outer corner of the eye. These areas tend to be darker. This way you will have a relaxed and fresh look. To create extra effects, apply a little of the highlighter to the bone, just below the eyebrows.

2. Emphasize the aspect of the eyelids

If you watch beauty tutorials on YouTube you already know which area is called crease. It is this line that connects the eye to the brow bone. This technique is suitable to cover possible imperfections, such as sagging skin, swollen eyelids and irregularly shaped eyes. You will need a liquid or powder shade, where its shade will be very close to your natural skin. Then use a pencil in earth tones and draw a discreet thin line from the outer corner.

For the last step, you will need a wide brush where with gentle movements you will mix all the products together. Extra tip: If the area of ​​your eyes is oily before you do anything, apply a little powder with a brush.

3. The chiaroscuro technique

If you want to make your eyes look bigger and your gaze deep and mysterious, then the steps are simple. You will need an eye product in a dark shade and a light one. First, apply the light shade to the inner corner of the eye and the eyelid to create the illusion of volume. With a large brush, apply the dark shadow this time and do a good “blending”, ie mixing. So you have both depth and volume.

4. Dark circles end

If you have intense dark circles, you can “neutralize” them by using the appropriate shadows. The first thing you need to notice is exactly what shade your circles are. If they are red or purple then a green shade would help in the treatment, while if they have blue undertones then prefer a yellow shade. This technique is called “detachment technique”. In addition to shadows, your ally in the fight against dark circles classics and concealer.

5. Relaxing look

Insomnia is a difficult condition that has a direct impact on the eyes. The redness of a tired look can be neutralized with an eye pencil or eyeliner on the inner line of the eye. The white spot of the eye is very visible in a relaxed look. To achieve this you can use a palette in shades of blue or even blue mascara.

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