Farm 13: Dynho wins Trial of Fire and can nominate a pawn for the farm


Dynho Alves conquered the power of the Fire Trial, held on Sunday (14) and shown this Monday (15th), in A Fazenda 13 (Record). He gained an advantage in defining the next farm, which will be formed on Tuesday (16).

The pawn won the dispute in the race against Solange Gomes and Marina Ferrari with the help of MC Gui. The people were helped by Bil Araújo and Mileide Mihaile, respectively. The helpers were not immune from being pulled into the stall.

The pawns who lost the race went straight to the stall and pulled two pawns: Dayane and MC Gui.

Before the race, presenter Adriane Galisteu announced live on Playplus which would be the power of the red flame, which was chosen in a vote made over the internet with the public.

Galisteu said that whoever receives this power from the red flame can indicate a pawn for the field, which cannot be vetoed in the Farmer’s Test.

Remember that, as the winner of the competition, he can choose to give the power of the red flame to a teammate and keep the power of the yellow flame. The latter has not yet been revealed, which should only occur during the formation of the garden.

The race itself had few excerpts broadcast on Sunday by Record’s streaming service, PlayPlus. In the edited edition shown this Monday, pawns had to pocket discs, but first they had to go through a maze balancing the pieces.

Dayane told MC Gui in the bedroom that Rico doesn’t have the courage to pull the two of them to the farm and will choose Marina, because he’s a traitor. In the kitchen, Bil said that if he and Rico go to the farm, they’re going to pull Dayane.


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