First Screening Movies: An Incurable Vampire from Marvel and Legendary Cunningham


Six new films premiere tonight, after another seven days of poor box office, as only “Lost City” survived, while Batman’s latest adventure, approaching 250,000 tickets, continues to attract audiences in four weeks.

So this week moviegoers have a choice between Marvel’s Morbius superhero adventure with Jarrett Leto in the role of an incurable vampire, the biographical documentary “Cunningham” about the life of the legendary choreographer, while the award-winning choreographer stands out drama “Father” from Serbia. Also screened are the remarkable Greek documentaries by Thomas Sideris “The Pomegranates of Nagorno Karabakh” and Leonidas Vardaros “Women Fighters – The Triple Liberation”, as well as the children’s “Sonic: The Movie 2”.

Father (Otac) – Drama, Serbian (and French, German, Slovenian) production of 2020, directed by Sirdan Golubovic, with Goran Bogdan, Boris Isakovic, Nanda Sargin, Milika Janewski etc.

Shocking social drama, for a world that lives next to us, in almost every corner of the globe, for despised people, who with disgusting ease and the cynicism that governs our time, go through the long list of margins, with statistics making her job, hiding them under the rug of virtual prosperity. The Serb Sirdan Golubovic (“The Trap”) speaks boldly and without much fuss about the ongoing undeclared war that is not necessary to kill, but dissolves lives and the core of society, the family.

The simple, oligopolistic scenario wants an unemployed father on the verge of poverty, after his wife’s suicide attempt – bathed in gasoline and engulfed in flames – to put his soul on his feet and start a long journey from his village to Belgrade, in order to claim back his two children, who were taken from him by the “charitable” competent service of the Welfare, to send them to foster families, due to his financial misery. Gulbovic criticizes the system of power that now considers having children to be the prerogative of the well-to-do – that is, the exact opposite of all those who shout about their interest in the demographic problem. And of course it does not stop at this huge problem, but it opens up to dozens of modern social issues, not with the stumbling block of denunciation or teaching, but through the incidents of the tragic journey of a man who does not want to give up life, wants to all the mental endurance he has left, to claim his children, his dignity.

Incidents that will highlight our inhuman age, the discord that has nestled between people, who should have been united like a fist, in the understanding that the father finds almost only in a stray dog, with whom he shares a piece of his humble bread or meeting his children and hugging his teenage son. Or even the infamous meeting in the luxurious offices of the ministry with an official, the assistant minister – in an arrogant style, Italian suit, hairdresser, mobile phone of two salaries – and while the meeting with the TV channels has preceded.

An anthropocentric cinema, reminiscent of the Iranian school, but also the new film wave of Romania or even Bulgaria, which, although it avoids any melodramatics, moves to tears with the heartbreaking theme, the rough drama of an ordinary man but also causes terror, the a reminder that the dividing line between poverty and misery, crushing, is only a fraction of the decisions of those in charge, the exercises applied to people, as if it were a blur on white paper.

And of course there is the interpretation of Goran Bogdan, on which the whole film is based. An actor unknown to us, who approaches the character of the father, with the richness of the feelings of Lamberto Mazzorani, the protagonist in the sacred relic of the world cinema “Bicycle Thief”.

IN A FEW WORDS… In a small Serbian town, a father loses custody of his children when some seemingly well-meaning but ultimately deeply corrupt social workers decide that he is too poor to provide them with a decent life. Desperate, he decides to walk to Belgrade to protest at the ministry and fight for his right to raise his children.

Cunningham. Documentary, American, German, French and British production of 2019, directed by Ala Kovgan.

The legendary personality of Mercy Cunningham, one of the greatest contemporary artists who marked dance, is transferred to the big screen in a three-dimensional tribute, shot by Alla Cowgan in 2019, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of her birth and the 10th anniversary of her death. of the famous choreographer.

Cunningham, a talented dancer discovered by Martha Graham and danced for six years with her dance troupe, will become one of the most important choreographers in New York after the war, where for thirty years, from 1944 to 1972, in which the director will focus, after trials and experiments will be recognized, with the greatest distinction, which is none other than learning his technique in dance schools around the world.

Cowgan’s documentary, which has chosen the technique of 3D, which probably did not need its subject matter, although Cunningham believed in movement, depth of field and dance, beyond the classical ballet stereotype that wants central dancers. , the soloists, in the center and in front and be accompanied by corps ballet dancers. Cunningham, who relied heavily on the steps of classical ballet, abandoned the traditional structured representational choreography, the classical narrative, the emotional state, leaving the viewer free to make his own thoughts about what he sees.

The film follows the artistic course of the choreographer, through fascinating images of dance and music, but also from collaborations with important representatives of art, while the excerpts from the archival material, which are shown for the first time, gain impressions.

A film, which is addressed mainly to those who love dance, while even the uninitiated will feel their pulses rise, their legs dance unconsciously, to understand that dancing is good not only for the body but also for the soul.

Morbius. Fantasy adventure, American production of 2022, directed by Daniel Espinoza, with Jared Leto, Michael Keaton, Matt Smith, Andria Arzona, Jared Harris, Al Madrigal, Tires Gibson and others.

After several delays, which lasted two years, due to the pandemic, according to the official explanations of the production, it was time for the premiere for the new Marvel superhero, who probably hesitated to release the film in theaters, not believing in her collection. success. And somewhere the people of Marvel may have been right, since the inflation of superhero movies has now escaped, but also because the movie does not keep up with the established – still a meaningless American fairy tale, a show of spectacle and impression. The film may have some depth, an interesting script and the role of Jared Leto in the lead role, but that is probably not a guarantee of good earnings. Having already trained a generation in the consumption of paper superheroes, they now know very well at Marvel what it sells and what it does not.

Here, we have Morbius, a minor character who first appeared in 1971 in “The Amazing Spider-Man” and who is promoted to the protagonist, in a particularly dark story, who wants him to try to cure himself, as a biochemist, of being himself. from a rare blood disease, but experimenting with various unorthodox treatments inadvertently infects him with a form of vampirism.

A film, which has to a lesser extent easy impressions, spectacular special effects and familiar recipes for films of the genre, but the meaning of the film can be summed up in the observation of Morbius’s mentor “eventually, the drug becomes worse than the disease ».

Director Daniel Espinnosa (“Life”, “Child 44”) is credited with avoiding pointless chatter and cheap impressions, as well as raising an issue that is increasingly troubling, but also blames his inability to delve even deeper into the characters. and of course to bring out a hero who can stand in the future.

For his part, Gerent Leto shows his interpretive ability, through the controversy of good and evil inside him, while the rest of the cast moves well, from which Michael Keaton stands out for his lightning appearance. in a mysterious role.

IN A FEW WORDS… Michael Morbius is a genius scientist who, having overcome a difficult childhood, is still struggling with a rare blood disease that threatens to kill him. In order to survive he will not hesitate to try the most unorthodox and illegal methods of treatment, transforming himself into a vampire along the way.

The movies are still being shown:

The Pomegranates of Nagorno Karabakh. Thomas Sideris’ remarkable documentary about the uprooting and wandering of the inhabitants of the afflicted Nagorno-Karabakh is coming to the big screen. A place and a people that has been living a tragedy for four decades, from the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan, for the control of the enclave in Nagorno-Karabakh. A war with thousands of dead and even more refugees, who are constantly moving in the gray and rainy landscape, not knowing what is theirs, where the borders are and what their homeland is.

A cinematic essay on a problem that seems unsolvable, as no one can fully understand what separates people, other than the geopolitical games played far beyond the realm of hostilities. The gray photo is by Mert Kaya, the original music by Christos Tsiamoulis and the editing by George Halambalakis.

Women Fighters – The Triple Liberation. A moving documentary by Leonidas Vardaros, with 22 women activists testifying to what they lived through from the Metaxa dictatorship in 1936 to 1949. Rare testimonies of women who lived through the vortex of social struggles, gave the battle for survival, resisted, were imprisoned, were exiled in the executive extract. Their struggle against the occupier, but also for national independence and social justice, through the narrative of these women, grandmothers today, who tell their own anonymous stories, of which we can be proud, regardless of political affiliation.

* Exclusively at the “TRIANON” cinema hangout (21 Kodrigtonos and Patision).

Sonic: The Movie 2 (Sonic the Hedgehog 2). Combination of live action with animation, American production of 2022, directed by Jeff Fowler. The hairy Sonic returns, in a wild mood, to confront Dr. Robotnik who is looking for an emerald whose power destroys civilizations. Noisy infant film, shown and dubbed.

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