Hair Steaming: what it is, DIY and benefits


Hair steaming has a special place in the heart of every long-haired or not. It has its roots in the childhood of my mom and your mom, while our generation learned it through care tools.

Ever since we welcomed the steam straightener into our lives, one of our big problems has been solved, “I do not know how to comb my hair”.

But behind this device, there is a whole philosophy and a process that many of us do not know but if it is for the good of our hair, maybe we should learn?

Diy hair steaming at home

An Amazon search will be informative. There is a heated lid which is connected to the water supply system in the bathroom. The heat it produces creates vapors, so the right conditions to do a do it yourself treatment. Initially, it would be good to wash your hair by applying shampoo twice from the top to the ends. Rinse and apply emollient cream.

After placing it, massage a little on your scalp to better penetrate the healing ingredients. You leave the hair in a cap, as long as you can, depending of course on the needs of your hair.

After at least 15 minutes, rinse with cold water. When you are done, place a towel that will absorb moisture, thus preparing your hair for the next step, which is a protective cream or oil. It is necessary to procure personalized products to have the best possible result.

Its advantages

The number one reason to incorporate hair steaming into your hair care routine is its healing properties. All the personalized protection and reconstruction products for the hair become even more effective due to the steam. The heat generated by the steam swells the skin and helps to open the scales of the hair, as a result of which all the therapeutic ingredients of the products we use penetrate. After regular Steaming I notice that our hair “does not break”, dull and dry hair acquires a shiny appearance while helping to increase the length.

If you already have a hair steaming device we are sure that you will nod your head in agreement with what you have read. It is no coincidence that professionals in this field use it fanatically.

We know that your next bath will be longer and you may not look the same from the steam, but we also know that you will see shiny long hair and you will imagine what the secret is. Steam to win!

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