The Masked Singer: Under extreme secrecy comes the happiest premiere


Spectacular, cheerful, original, full of imagination and brilliance, the The Masked Singer premieres tonight, at 21.00in . Favorite celebrities sing on stage like we have never enjoyed them again! They wear the most impressive masks and without anyone knowing who they are, they start the most secret mission of their career.

The only one Sakis Rouvas welcomes the funniest… TV committee, their Detectives of The Masked Singer. Nikos Moutsinas, Elisavet Konstantinidou, Athena Oikonomakou and Thodoris Marantinisgather data, take notes, try to extract additional information and start the search!

8 Masks are introduced to the public tonight, and after giving everything on stage they accept the first “identifying” question from Sakis Rouvas. It will help them detectives their enigmatic answer?

The detectives they get a job, the names that are heard are many, which of the following is true? Is there a very good friend behind the Mask? They are even tempted to call the one they think is there and hide it from them!

THE Nikos Moutsinas sees Β Anna Vissi behind each Mask.

THE Elisavet Konstantinidou believes that if he manages to find the Masks he will win something!

THE Athena Oikonomakou is the good student while Thodoris Marantinis, the voice of logic!

The Masks maintain their mystery by rewarding or rejecting assumptions, when they try it and not necessarily because the names that are heard are valid! Finally what job does it have Pop corn on a TV set? What does he have in common? Hippopotamus with detectives and who has put Cyclops in the eye;

The Mask completes its appearance and everyone detective writes his first prediction. We will remember this prediction again, shortly before the revelation of each Mask, when it has been voted to leave. How much will their forecast have changed by then?

At the end of all the shows, the audience on the set and the detectives vote for their favorite Mask. The one with the fewest votes should be revealed!

Who is hiding behind the Mask?

Let us gather, together, every valuable item! Ready?

Their names… seven-sealed secret!

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