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BBB 22: Mom from Slovenia says she talks to Lucas every day


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The eliminated of the week, Slovenia participated in the “Domingão Tá Vendo”, with Luciano Huck, and was surprised by the presence of her parents. The former Miss Pernambuco had not yet found her parents since she left the reality show last Sunday (3).

The former BBB was thrilled when she met her Antônio and Kilma again. The mother says her main concern was during parties and when the model was drinking. “I only went to sleep when she went to sleep and it was an affliction”, said Dona Kilma.

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The model’s parents also stated that they support Slovenia’s union with Lucas. According to Kilma, she talks to Lucas every day. “He calls me ‘my mother-in-law.’

Influencer Vítor diCastro says that the members of the fourth Lollipop were very wronged and that pressure on Slovenia and Vinicius harmed the game of the eliminated brothers. He questioned whether the former BBB did not know that the clash between the rooms was not pleasing the public.

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“We already had this perception, but we either followed our hearts and did what we were feeling or we were going to totally change what we imagined the people wanted,” he said. “Maybe our group took too long to see things.”

Slovenia was eliminated with 80.74% in Paredão disputed with Douglas and Paulo André.

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