BBB 22: Brothers are told to pack their bags in Boninho’s prank


“Is the final today?” This is the question that the six participants of Big Brother Brasil 22 (Globo) are asking themselves at the reality show house after being told to pack their bags. However, it’s all just a prank by the director, Boninho.

Through social networks, Big Boss warned that he would troll the participants. “I swear I try to keep quiet, but they give us the tips to save the game!”, he said.

Eliezer was the one who showed the most surprise at the request. Paulo André speculated that it could be just a joke, but when in doubt, everyone followed the order.

Douglas Silva didn’t stop laughing at the attitudes of confinement colleagues who wondered what new dynamics would be coming.

In the Game of Discord on Monday night (18), a flea behind the ear had already been introduced by Tadeu Schmidt. That’s because he asked the competitors to choose who they wanted to put on the Paredão in place of those already walled up, which generated a buzz of a sudden change in the directions of the hot seat.

In fact, nothing will happen, just the traditional elimination this Tuesday night (19). Eliezer, Gustavo and Paulo André form Paredão. Eli was nominated by the Leader, Pedro Scooby, and Gustavo was the most voted by the other brothers in the confessional. In the Countergolpe, Gustavo pulled Paulo André. The dynamics after the soon more hot seat has not yet been revealed, but the final of the program should take place next Tuesday (26).

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