at Kiev General Hospital: Shocking images from the “battle” of doctors


The other side of the fighting in Ukraine is the one in the hospitals where the staff is trying to treat hundreds of wounded under adverse conditions.

The journalistic mission of SKAIentered the Kiev General Hospital and recorded shocking testimonies.

When the bombings in Hostomel started I was running to save myself. We did not all have time to go to the basement, as I was coming down, I fell and broke my arm. I do not remember anything since then“, reports a wounded man from Hostomel.

Every room is overflowing with sadness and pain.

“They threw a mortar in the apartment and from the shock wave I fell away and was injured. All my ribs, right, were broken.“, describes Mikhail Dimitriovic, injured from Buka.

For almost 2 months, the Kiev hospital has been receiving war wounded.

Elli Kasoli and Stergios Tsifoutis, with SKAI’s camera, were found in the general hospital of Kievhere where more than 400 civilians have been treated for injuries, some of them have ended up while the specific hospital received the fire of the Russians.

“When I was studying medicine, I never imagined that I would ever treat war wounded,” said Andriy Kostuk, a hospital nurse.

“What shocked me was the small children who arrived at the hospital, had back injuries, that is, they left the place where the battles took place and received bullets from behind.
“This has shocked me,” he added.

Nurses and doctors can not hold back their tears as they reflect on what has happened in recent weeks.

Sacks have been placed on the windows of the hospital – to protect them from any debris.

Inside the Kiev hospital are civilians – war wounded from Irpin and Hostomel.

Severely injured people are waiting for surgeries.

They will spend the Easter in the hospital, after all they have nowhere else to go.

holidays will be spent here .. we have nowhere to go.

I broke one leg as I ran, while in the other I have fragments from an explosion, during an exchange of fire between Ukrainians and Russians“, describes a wounded man from Irpin.

The director of the Kiev hospital explains to SKAI journalist Elli Kasolis and the cameraman Stergios Tsifoutis that in the first days of the war, all the floors – all the corridors – even the basements of the hospital were filled with patients.

He will never forget an English journalist who had to amputate one of his legs.

“The journalist had a very serious injury to his lower extremity. As soon as he came, we introduced him and we had to amputate his leg. He was injured when an evacuation of a building, while he was trying to save a girl,” explains the Deputy Director of the Hospital, Irina Vasilevna.

Since the start of the war, 700 patients have arrived at the hospital.

Some did not make it, but most who survived left the clinics immediately as soon as they were given first aid and went home to recover as the hospital – was not, nor is it, considered a safe place.

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