Bianca Andrade and Fred announce separation: ‘We are looking for peace’


Influencer Bianca Andrade, also known as Boca Rosa, and presenter Bruno Carneiro, Fred from the YouTube channel Desimpedidos, announced this Friday (22) that they ended their relationship.

The two published a story on their Instagram profiles with a photo of the day of the birth of their son, Cris, who is currently eight months old. The two stressed to the followers that there was no betrayal by any of the parties and asked for respect, making it clear that they will not make any further clarification on the end.

“What matters is our truth. We are only looking for peace”, wrote Bianca. “Even though we are no longer a couple, we still love each other. Our love gave me the best gift of my life, our son Cris.”

“The decision was made a few days ago by both of us and obviously it’s been hurting our family a lot, but the end was decided by both parties and in a totally peaceful and conscious way,” Fred wrote.

The former BBB announced that she was in a relationship with the youtuber in September 2020. At the time, she said that they had known each other for five years but, according to her, they did not fit a label. In December of the same year, the couple announced their pregnancy.

In March of this year, Bianca and Fred had a party to celebrate the eight months of Cris with the theme of “The Incredibles”. And this month, the theme of the “month” was the Coachella festival, in the USA, which the influencer went to attend. During the ex-BBB’s trip, some fans of the couple began to speculate about a possible crisis in the relationship.

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