Giovanna Ewbank says that Gagliasso wants two more children: ‘Let’s see if I can handle it’


Surrounded by security guards and advisors, Bruno Gagliasso, 40, and Giovanna Ewbank, 35, arrived at cabin Nº1, at Marquês da Sapucaí, around 10:30 pm this Saturday (23), to accompany the second day of parades of the Special Group of Rio de Janeiro. January.

After posing for photos, the couple stopped for a quick chat with the press. They said they were returning from Fernando de Noronha (PE), an archipelago where they own an inn.

Gagliasso also said that he will return to Europe in July to record the second season of the Netflix series “Santo”. Last year, he lived in Spain for four months to film the first season – at the time, Giovanna and the couple’s three children stayed in Portugal, where the actor often visited them.

Giovanna’s look caught the attention of those who were in the cabin in the early hours of this Sunday (24). She wore black pants with side cutouts and a crystal heart appliqué on the back. “It’s Carnival,” said the actor.

When answering a question about family, the actress said that Bruno wants two more children. “Let’s see if I can take it,” she joked. They are parents to Titi, 8, Bless, 7, and Zyan, 1.

The couple posed for more photos and then entered the cabin, which was packed. Giovanna even stopped to record an action for a brand of gum inside the space, causing a certain push-pull. Afterwards, they were taken by security to a VIP area inside the cabin, where it was possible to see the parades on the avenue up close. They arrived at the venue shortly before Portela began its performance at Sapucaí.

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