Camila Queiroz cries and denies that she asked to change the end of the soap opera: ‘Lie’

Camila Queiroz cries and denies that she asked to change the end of the soap opera: ‘Lie’

Actress Camila Queiroz, 28, returned this Thursday (18th) to social media, crying to defend herself against accusations that she made “unacceptable” demands to record the final scenes of protagonist Angel in the soap opera “Secret Truths 2”, on Globoplay. Globo said in a statement that it wanted to determine the outcome of the character Angel.

Camila posted several videos on Instagram stories stating that she had never experienced anything like this entire exhibition. According to her, every time they tried to put her name on controversy, gossip, she always tried to run away and stay reserved. “[Para] not having to keep proving me right, or proving my side of the story to anyone. But this time they threw me here and I have nothing to do with it,” he explains.

Crying, the actress says that she always tried to have a true relationship with her fans on social media. “So, the first thing I wanted to do is thank you for the messages from my friends, from fan clubs, from fans of the soap opera, from mine, because without a shadow of a doubt your affection is essential.”

Camila admits that she’s not ready to talk about everything that happened. “What I wanted to say is just that I don’t feel ready today to talk about everything that happened, how it happened. It was all very painful. These last few weeks, yesterday, were very difficult.”

The actress asks people not to believe the articles published in the press saying that she tried to change the end of the soap opera. She says she had to post a photo on Twitter taking medication in her vein to prove she was sick. “To be able to contest articles that had said that I had gotten a certificate not to record.”

Camila says she is still building the strength to recover from the shock of this huge exhibition. “So, a lot of lies will come out, a lot of lies are already coming out. I just ask you not to believe it, because that’s not true. Soon, I don’t know, someday, I hope I feel stronger to come here to talk to you.


The announcement of Camila Queiroz’s departure from “Secret Truths” was made on Wednesday afternoon (17), by email, by Globo’s spokesperson. In the statement, the station speaks of “unacceptable” demands from the protagonist.

“To sign the extension of the contract necessary to record the final scenes of the telenovela, Camila Queiroz wanted to determine the outcome of the character Angel and demanded a formal commitment that she would be part of an eventual third season of the work, in addition to other unacceptable contractual demands”, said an excerpt of the note sent to the press.

Hours later, the actress released a statement in which she rebutted Globo. She claims that the fate of her character Angel has changed, contrary to promises she would have received, and believes this would have been Globo’s punishment for not renewing her long-term relationship with the network earlier this year.

“The actress understands that these latest events make it clear that the company tried to punish her exclusively for having taken the unilateral decision to readjust the format of her contract with TV Globo in the past, a decision that did not come from the company, as was disclosed at the time,” he says in a note published on social media.

In January of this year, the actress confirmed that she would not renew her long-term contract with Globo. Instead, he would start working at the station with contracts for work, in which the artist is only bound while he is on the air. Thus, she would have the freedom to accept invitations from competitors such as Netflix, where she presented the reality show Wedding to the Cegas Brasil alongside her husband, Klebber Toledo, and recorded the series “De Volta aos 15” alongside Maisa Silva.


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