Farm 13: Valentina should be eliminated from reality, poll points out


The pawn Valentina Francavilla must be eliminated in the reality A Fazenda 13 (Record), this Thursday (19). She disputes the permanence with the ex-panicat Aline Mineiro and the ex-Banheira do Gugu Solange Gomes.

In the poll promoted by F5, Valentina had 16% of the audience vote to stay in the attraction, around 8pm. While Aline had 35% and Solange 49% of the public preference. In the reality of Record TV, the public votes for who they want to stay in the game. That way, the least voted is the one eliminated for the night.

The ex-panicat Aline ended up in the countryside on the recommendation of farmer Gui Araujo. He said that the pea does not position itself in the game so as not to get upset with people.

Rico Melquiades, on the other hand, received six votes from his colleagues in confinement, in the formation of the farm, on Tuesday night (16). But he won the farmer’s test and managed to free himself from the hot seat.

The ex-On Vacation with the Ex (MTV Brasil) had the right to pull a pawn from the stall, and chose Dayane Mello. However, the model was replaced by Ratinho’s stage assistant for Dynho Alves, who had received the power of the yellow flame and could change a person from the countryside.

Finally, the ex-Banheira do Gugu went to the countryside for having remained in the “one left” dynamic. She had the right to veto someone from the dispute for the farmer’s post, and opted for Aline, sending the model straight to the farm.

The test that marked the new farmer consisted of harvesting the greatest possible number of corns that were scattered across the scene. However, participants only needed to do this while the program’s theme song played with different rotations.

When the music stopped, they had to be back at the base to raise a shield and keep their puppet from being hit by a barrage of paint shots. If they were hit, they couldn’t count on the corn they had caught that round.

Solange was the first eliminated, as she did worse than her colleagues. Rico and Valentina did well, but the pawn ended up winning the race and becoming the farmer of the week.​


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