Survivor: Big fight in the Blues – Complete isolation of Takis


Another hot episode took place in the Blue Camp. This time the protagonists were Takis and Sofianna. The player of the Blues addressed Sofianna in a derogatory way, provoking her own strong reaction, which threw water at him, but also that of their teammates, and especially the ubiquitous Spyros Martikas. The conflict escaped from its original focus and became a battle of Takis against everyone in Survivor.

After the end of the match, Spyros brought the issue back to the forefront, and scolded the mercenary for his behavior. For his part, he explained what he said to Sofianna and accused his teammates of targeting him.

Then a big quarrel took place in the hut. What made an impression was the furious attack of Takis against Spyros Martikas and his alleged popularity, and the alliance of the mercenary with Konstantinos Emmanuel in the story about Aris & Sofianna.

The issue was also addressed by the council of the island, where Takis repeated what he said about Martikas and the pharmacist had the opportunity to answer.

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