Survivor: The first immunity was painted red – Takis is a candidate


The period of grace that followed the union but also the arrival of Ajun with his big prizes Survivor expired. The heads inside, the immunities returned and brought with them a great rivalry both between the two teams and within them. The Reds were the ones who did better in this first vital match of the week and although the match eventually went to 9-9 and in a life and death match, they were ultimately the ones who took the victory and deeply hurt the Blue team.

From then on, the Blues had repeatedly stressed that they would not be too upset in case of defeat, as there are options for voting. The point was not to win any of these options individual immunity, as had been done in the past with Constantine Emmanuel. The one who finally succeeded was Stella.

As it was realized in the council of the Island that followed, Takis and Emmanuel are the two wounds according to the majority of the team and were voted by his teammates, with Takis coming out the first candidate for this week.

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