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3 Generation Z secrets for a good night’s sleep


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Maybe the new generation -that of 18-24- be stuck on social media and Tik-Tok and sleep a lot, but the truth is, many times he has very good ideas.

So if you have sleep problem -and by that we mean not only insomnia, but also many other annoying ones- then, welcome to the world of GenZ.

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The truth is, there are many factors that do not allow you to enjoy one restful sleep. It is mainly the anxietyis that everything can bother you -from the pillows up to the light of the bedroom of the fifth floor opposite the apartment building, even if you are in the first-, is the annoying neighbor from above, who is doing weights at three in the evening.

Either way, you can not sleep and get bored. And of course you make it worse, because you panic that the next day you will not get up and then of course you do not catch anything sleepbecause you are irritated from above.

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So the secret of Generation Z is very simply the routine.

Of course this is not something new, since routine is its trademark. From how to become Tik Tok’s “That Girl” to how to improve your fitness, everything has to do with routine.

Why does Z tell you that now is another time, with crazy rhythms, that we have to catch everything. And to achieve that we must have proper planning.

So the routine puts you in a program, which of course if you follow, will have an effect.

So the same goes for sleep. The new generation, therefore, devotes a lot of time to the preparation of their sleep, which includes music, ASMR tricks (no they are not drugs, but special video with sounds to relax), face and body carediligent brushing of teeth (as soon as the enamel leaves) and much more.

Also, many before going to bed, take a walk on social, so as to say goodnight to their audience, but we would not advise this to you, who are over 30 and somehow your nerves. This, of course, experts say, because research has shown that the use of electronic devices causes irritation.

So the three golden rules of Gen Z to make the perfect routine, of a perfect sleep, are the following and we ask you to pay due attention.

Make your own personal routine
So you can start with one hot showerput on a face mask and at the same time, prepare your clothes for tomorrow or look at your schedule again.

Personal care is essential for both your morning routine and your evening routine.

But the important thing is to have one standard bedtime, which to observe strictly (except of course on the weekend, when then everything is forgiven).

Take care of your space
Also very important is your environment. Take care of your roombe neat, dark and have a constant temperature.

It is also good not to have strong room fragrances or flowers, because in addition to being unhealthy, it is also a reason to be vigilant.

Do not stress if you do not fall asleep
If you are still not drowsy, do not force yourself to sleep. Most likely you will spend the night completely.

Make sure you stay relaxed, enjoy a movie, read a book or listen to some music.

And also, stop counting lambs. The count irritates your brain and instead of lullabying you, it rather excites you.

Either way routine is not a bad thing. Especially if they call it GEN Zs.

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