Princess Charlene: Goodbye Palace – Located in a secret location

Princess Charlene: Goodbye Palace – Located in a secret location

After a long stay in South Africa for health reasons – according to the palace – Princess Charlene returned to Monaco a few days ago on a private plane of her husband dressed in black, after an overnight trip, from Durban, South Africa.

Shortly after her arrival, we learned from Chantell Wittstock, Charlene’s sister-in-law and PR about her charity in South Africa, who told MailOnline that it was unclear whether the princess intended to return to the palace permanently. that her return to royal duties depends on her recovery from the illness that afflicts her. These statements raised many questions and everyone wondered if the princess would eventually return to the palace or be left alone in her apartment and consequently separate from her husband.

Asked to comment on her remarks, Chantell Wittstock told that the princess was “extremely happy to be back with her family” and explained that “Charlene will stay with her husband and children.

And somewhere here, things get even more complicated since according to her husband, the princess has gone away from her family again … in order to recover. More specifically, the prince speaking to “Monaco Matin” and, among other things, revealed that his wife is again somewhere far away from him and their 6-year-old twin children. “It’s better, but it still needs rest and calm,” he said. “It is not in the Principality, but we will be able to visit it very soon. I can not tell you more than discretion. “There is fatigue, not just physical, which can only be treated with rest and monitoring.”



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