Nanda Costa reveals pre-eclampsia and hospitalization of one of her daughters in the ICU


One day after daughters Kim and Tiê completed one month of life, Nanda Costa, 35, gave an account of the birth of the twins and how her and his wife’s life has been, percussionist Lan Lahn, 53, after the arrival of the girls . “Without a doubt it’s the most challenging and intense moment of my life. I had a peaceful pregnancy, I’ve never felt so good in my life,” said the actress this Saturday afternoon (20) on Instagram.

Next, Costa said that the twins’ birth had to be brought forward, when she was 35 weeks and 3 days pregnant, because she had a peak in high blood pressure and her kidneys started to stop.

“Pre-eclampsia! My obstetrician was precise, surgical and, thank God, saved my life! My wife didn’t leave my side for even a second”, revealed the actress, referring to the illness related to increased blood pressure, which can affect pregnant women from the 20th week of pregnancy. Without prompt and adequate medical treatment, pre-eclampsia can be fatal for both mother and baby.

The actress said that Kim had to stay in the ICU for two weeks to gain weight, while Tiê was able to stay in her room and was discharged with her, who spent another five days in the hospital. “There is a part of life that the social network doesn’t show and as we are living in times of increasingly difficult judgments, sometimes we prefer to focus on sharing the joys. But today, I chose to share how difficult it was and has been,” said the artist.

She said she would go through everything again to “receive the blessing of having Kim and Tiê”, she thanked the support network, which includes doctors, friends, her mother, mother-in-law and Lan Lahn, to whom she spoke. “Thank you Lan, it had to be with you, it just had to be with you! I love you forever”, she said, sending a message to the women who are living the same experience as her. “To all mothers and mothers, my best hug! We’re together. Oh, and the girls are super good and chubby,” he concluded.

Leandra Leal, Letícia Spiller, Beth Goulart and Priscila Fantin are among the celebrities who were touched by Costa’s report. “Nanda, dear… this birth of a mother is another birth. And love opens the way. Your text reminded me of the beginning of my motherhood”, wrote journalist Poliana Abritta.

Kim and Tiê were born on the night of October 19th. The actress’ pregnancy announcement was made in June, when she was already five months old. “A secret kept with great affection! We are 4. Two mothers and two daughters”, wrote Costa at the time.

In an interview with Fantástico, they stated that the pregnancy occurred after three fertilization attempts. “We just wanted the donor to be healthy and swing,” said the actress. In 2019, Nanda Costa froze eggs after receiving an invitation to audition for the soap opera “Amor de Mãe”, an offer that she considered “impossible”.

At the time, the actress assumed that the plan was to get pregnant at that time, but she postponed the initiative and later postponed it again due to the pandemic. “I really want to be a mother. No matter how much they say: ‘Be careful, there’s no poetry at all’, I want to go through this experience of breastfeeding, giving birth,” said Nanda at the time.


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