‘It’s just my way of loving’, says Camila Pitanga about bisexuality


Camila Pitanga, 44, spoke about her own sexual orientation. “Now, more than ever, we are called upon not to give up freedom, whether mine, that of those around me, or that of those who think differently from me. When people feel they have the authority to be prejudiced without shame, we can’t back down,” pointed out the actress.

In an interview with Cláudia magazine, she also said that “it is not possible to make room for obscurantism and the judgment of others”. The artist highlighted that maturity made her understand that those she loves have nothing to do with what other people think.

“This is not a pamphlet or a moral lesson for anyone. It’s just my way of living, loving and existing. If we respect each other, we will have a more interesting, colorful and plural life”, declared Camila when responding as deals with judgments regarding her love life.

The actress was involved in a controversy after taking on a relationship with philosophy professor at the Fluminense Federal University (UFF), Patrick Pessoa, in early October. Camila was criticized by internet users, who questioned the fact that she was dating a man, months after breaking her commitment to a woman, the plastic artist Beatriz Coelho, with whom she stayed for almost two years.

“Guys, the letter B of the acronym is not Beyonce, right?! Love and be happy. I am!”, wrote Camila on Twitter, at the time. as a way of putting an end to the discussion. In the message, she alluded to the letter B, from the acronym LGBTQIA+, which refers to bisexuals.


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