Gil do Vigor looks for a boyfriend at Mais Você and reveals: ‘I’ve never dated a guy’


Economist Gil do Vigor, 30, participated this Wednesday morning (11) in the Singles Online section to find a boyfriend on national television. The attraction of the program Mais Você (Globo) brought five suitors to the ex-BBB, who also commented a little about his love life.

“The last time I dated was with my ex-girlfriend, in 2016 I think. Effectively dating a guy, I never dated”, commented the economist. He said that his family has always been open with his sexual orientation, but that he himself was afraid to accept himself and for a long time wanted to change, due to his religion.

For a future relationship, Gil says that, at the same time that he is romantic, he doesn’t like to be attached. “I’m very pragmatic and I don’t have patience,” he said, who also revealed that he prefers men who are a little older, but is not opposed to meeting younger suitors either.

Among the applicants, the following were presented: Raimundo, 27, owner of a micro-enterprise; Rubens, 29, a flight attendant who currently lives in Dallas, USA; Nilmar, 28, who lives in Salvador, is a pharmacy student with a degree in logistics; Ed Cavalcanti, 27, who lives in Recife and studies at the same university where Gil studied; and Caíque Silva, 26, from the interior of São Paulo, who has already kissed the economist.

In the first stage, Gil eliminated Ed Cavalcanti after blindly asking everyone a question. In the second stage, the four remaining suitors had 30 seconds to convince Gil to be chosen for a date. The economist chose Raimundo for a virtual breakfast.

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