The “Frozen” Waves: And yet, this incredible phenomenon is in Attica-Watch video


Our gifted Greece never ceases to amaze us with the incredible diversity of its landscapes but also the beautiful and many times paradoxical phenomena that we observe in her.

We see such a phenomenon in our flight today. It really is a landscape taken from a paintingas the currents and the shallow waters have created in the sea small hills of sand that have taken the form of “frozen” waves.

No matter how much the sea moves over them, these “waves” remain motionless, like a permanently imprinted stepped corridor with white sand, which gives a wonderful turquoise color to the water.

This rare phenomenon is observed between the Island of Aegina and the Island of Agistriin the Saronic Gulf very close to the islet of Metopi.

The shallows around the islet of Metopi are believed to have once been land, which was connected to Agistri and Aegina, but then and over the centuries they were submerged by currents, winds and waves and today are a vast turquoise plain with clear waters allowing the visitor to enjoy every detail of the seabed, as if wearing a diving mask.

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