Petersburg: Unveiling of a bust of Theophilos


In an atmosphere of emotional charge, the unveiling of the monument of the Lesbian folk painter Theofilos took place in St. Petersburg, on the morning of Sunday, May 8.

The monument was made on the initiative of the Cultural Association of the Mytileneans of St. Petersburg, in a space granted by the Municipality of St. Petersburg. Crowds of people, members, friends of the club and visitors attended to pay a minimal tribute to the painter.

A memorial prayer was held and was followed by a speech by the president of the cultural association, Evangelos Doulas with reference to the life and work of Theofilos as well as the motivations of the Association for the creation of the bust.

Common denominator Theofilos’s unquestionable contribution to Art was one of the speeches of all, while important proposals were heard regarding the naming of the park that houses the bust, the adjacent stop and the Department of Art Conservation – Rehabilitation of the neighboring EPAL Petersburg with the name of our great.
The unveiling of the bust was made by the mayor of the city and the grandson of Theofilos’s brother, Mr. Dimitris Hatzimichael.

The ceremony ended with a minute of silence and the recitation of the National Anthem.

The Cultural Association of Mytileneans of St. Petersburg, “O THEOFILOS”, warmly thanks all those who attended this ceremony, who responded to his invitation, but also all those who helped or offered anything to create this bust which from now on we believe is a important point of memory, not only in St. Petersburg, but also for the whole of Attica.

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