Bikini Cavadão singer undergoes surgery to remove malignant tumor


Singer Bruno Gouveia, 54, lead singer of the group Biquíni Cavadão, told on the band’s official profile on Instagram that he had to undergo surgery to remove a malignant tumor from his eyelid. The musician also assured that he is fine and will follow the concert schedule.

The singer said that he noticed a wart growing on his eyelid in January, after some consultations with the ophthalmologist and exams, he looked for a date to schedule the surgery. “Time passed. And the tumor grew. Benign or malignant? Only the biopsy would tell”, he recalled.

“Today came the big day. And, thank God, everything went well, even though it was detected that the tumor was really malignant. A keratoacanthoma”, he continued, talking about the tumor, which affects about 150,000 Brazilians a year. “Fortunately, the removal of the tumor was accurate and didn’t require more than was necessary.”

Gouveia then thanked all the fans’ support and assured: “I’ll be back on stage with an eye patch and a little more restrained this Friday and Saturday”. Finally, he left a warning for followers and advised everyone to take care to find problems as soon as possible.

In mid-May, the musician used his Instagram to make an appeal in search of medicine for his one-year-old son Leonardo. He said he had discovered that an antipyretic suppository he needed had been discontinued, and he was not finding the product in major drugstore chains.

“Many children have difficulties taking oral medication. In the case of antipyretics, the solution is by suppository. Only one drug exists like that. Novalgina Suppository. And this drug was discontinued five months ago”, wrote Gouveia on Instagram.

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