Cities again require the use of a mask in the interior and coast of SP

Cities again require the use of a mask in the interior and coast of SP

At least 13 cities in the interior and on the coast of São Paulo entered in June with the resumption by decree of the mandatory use of masks and another 13 municipalities have already recommended to the population the return of the accessory in internal environments, in addition to the cases already in force by state law ( public transport and health facilities).

Following the guidance of the state, the recommendation of wearing a mask indoors was released in Monguaguá and Peruíbe, on the coast, in Adolfo, Araçatuba, Ariranha, Bálsamo, Bady Bassitt, Cedral, Icém, José Bonifácio, Queiroz, Rio Claro, Tabapuã and Tanabi, inland.

In Araraquara and São José do Rio Preto, the return of the mask is mandatory in any closed or crowded place. Araraquara, which jumped from 1,573 cases in April to 7,865 cases in May (up 400%), even predicted a fine of up to R$6,029 for those who fail to comply with the measure – the city had seven deaths from Covid in May and none in April.

São José do Rio Preto extended the use of the accessory to places such as schools, churches and supermarkets and resumed the obligation to offer gel alcohol indoors based on the overload of cases in the last half of May. There were 3,733 infected by the disease in 13 days.

“The return of the mandatory use of mask in closed environments was the option we had in view of the exponential increase in cases seen in the last 14 days. Secretary of Health of São José do Rio Preto, Aldenis Borim.

In Campinas, the mask has returned to everyday life also in public and private schools in closed environments and nursing homes.

Among the cities that reactivated the mandatory use of masks are also São Carlos and Piquerobi (included public offices), Adamantina (closed public and private spaces such as churches, schools, commerce and services), Tupã (public and private municipal spaces, commerce and services). ), Pirassununga, Guapiaçu, Altair, Glicério, São Roque and Itanhaém (the six in a school environment, the last one being only in the municipal network and the others in public and private).

Currently, state decree 66,577 and resolution SS-96 determine that in all cities in São Paulo it is mandatory to wear a mask in public transport (including embarkation and disembarkation areas) and places where health services are provided (such as pharmacies and hospitals). , as well as by people with symptoms of respiratory illness.

The fine is R$ 527.71 for the citizen who is in these places without a mask and reaches R$ 5,294.38 for establishments, for each visitor without the accessory. Locations that do not have a visible sign with information on mandatory use can be fined an additional R$1,380.50. Inspection and penalties are the responsibility of the Health Surveillance.

According to David Uip, Secretary of Science, Research and Development in Health of the State, reported cases of Covi-19 rose 80% in May compared to the previous month and hospitalizations, 40%. “And this number is certainly higher, because there are those who do not have symptoms and [agora usa] the self-test, which is not being notified. A lot of people do and don’t communicate. We are going to suggest this communication to the Ministry of Health, which is not simple and cannot just be a citizen’s decision”, said the secretary.

Uip also stated that the self-test was an advance and that the secretariat’s management council discusses possible ways of communicating positive cases made by individuals.

Other factors, such as the delay in completing the vaccination schedule, are also of concern. “There was a softening. People felt safe and, in addition to those who no longer wanted to be vaccinated, there are those who have not yet taken the third and fourth doses”, said Uip.

Águas da Prata, in the Araraquara region, had decreed the return of the mask last Friday (27), but went back and revoked the decree, then publishing another in which it only recommended the use of the item and “for those who so they feel safe.”

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