Do not let dogs or cats sleep in your bed – Read why


During the pandemic there was an increase in pet ownership and today 57% of households around the world now have a pet

New researchaccording to the Daily Mail, shows that, almost, the 50% of Australians who have pets they let them sleep in their bed, but they do not know much about them hygiene rules and conditions.

Investigators explored habits and behaviors cleaning and deepened their understanding of it household dust and the potential impact it may have on our well-being. They took part in the study 12,309 participants from 11 countries around the world and its main conclusion is that people are still concerned about the cleanliness of their homes as result of pandemic.

The Dyson study, then, shows that 93% of Australians clean a lot, if not more than last year to ensure that their home remains a clean and healthy space.

During the pandemic one was observed increase in pet ownership and 57% of households worldwide now have a pet. In Australia, 52% of households have a pet, with 56% of owners not restricting the space where their cats or dogs can be found.

Over 60% of Australians did not know that pollen can live in their petswhile just under half, 49%, do not know that there are bacteria that carry their animals.

Nearly two thirds of Australian pet owners are unaware that viruses and feces of house dust mites they can also live in their pets. «Many people think that pet hair is the biggest problem“, Said the Dyson Microbiology researcher Monika Stuczen. According to her, it is not surprising that people are not aware of the other particles that can be found in their pets, because these particles tend to be tiny in size.

While almost one third of pet owners in Australia take care of their pets at home, at least, once a week, 81% do it with just a brush or comb. Unfortunately, the tiny particles remain in pets, which are in danger of spreading to the home.

Also, 77% of homeowners do not wipe with vacuum clean their mattress, which is even more worrying considering that 45% of pet owners share their bed with their pets.

«We hope this research inspires you to think about what dust contains in your homesSaid the head of the investigation.
He added: “Just because it’s out of sight does not mean it’s out of your mind. Tiny dust particles, such as pet dander and dust mite allergens, can have a greater impact on your health and well-being than particles you can actually see with the naked eye.».

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