Corona virus: Outbreak on the islands and resorts – De-escalation in Attica


Cases begin to fall, peak in daily deaths and intubations

On the islands and in the tourist resorts, the 6th wave of the pandemic in Greece, as the overcrowding is great and the measures rudimentary, as evidenced by the data collected by the authorities. On the contrary, Attica shows a clear de-escalation compared to the previous period.

The professor Demosthenes Sarigiannis talk to ERT about the picture of the pandemic in the country, as we approach August 15 and the peak of the summer season.

“We expected to have this increase in the hard indices anyway. In the coming days we will see a peak in deaths and intubations.”emphasized the professor of Environmental Engineering at AUTH and added:

“At early August scientists hope for a reduction in cases”added however that “Achieving the goal of de-escalation has unfortunately been done in the wrong way, such as greatly increasing dispersal and creating local natural immunity.”

“This is not “the right choice from a public health point of view. At this time, no measures are being followed to limit the coronavirus”he pointed out.

Mr. Sarigiannis said that the 6th wave of the pandemic is developing on the islands and tourist attractions. “There is de-escalation in Attica, just like in Halkidiki. However, in many areas of Western Macedonia it is in an increasing phase. This variation in the evolution of the pandemic is due to when the wave of the pandemic started locally and to the movement of the population”he emphasized.

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