Chamber accelerates project that forces patient to be accompanied by professional woman in anesthesia

Chamber accelerates project that forces patient to be accompanied by professional woman in anesthesia

The Chamber of Deputies approved this Wednesday (31) the urgency of a project that makes it mandatory for female patients to be accompanied by a female health professional during examinations or procedures that use sedation or anesthesia that make the person unconscious. .

The application was approved in a symbolic vote. Now, the text can be voted on in plenary.

The project, authored by deputy Alex Manente (Cidadania-SP), was presented in July, shortly after anesthesiologist Giovanni Quintella Bezerra was arrested in the act after employees at the Hospital da Mulher Heloneida Studart filmed him putting his penis in a patient’s mouth. unconscious during a cesarean.

He is currently a defendant for rape of a vulnerable person, a crime whose sentence ranges from 8 to 15 years in prison.

According to testimonies collected during the investigations, the doctor asked the patients’ husbands to leave the operating room in the middle of the procedure. Reports also indicate that Bezerra unnecessarily applied high doses of sedatives to the women so that she could rape them.

In addition to the article dealing with the presence of a female professional, Manente’s text provides for the presence of a companion chosen by the woman in all breast, genital and rectal exams, regardless of the sex or gender of the person performing the exam.

The measure can be applied to tests performed in outpatient and inpatient settings, including labor, delivery and immediate postpartum, as well as tests such as transvaginal, ultrasound or urodynamic testing.

The project requires health facilities to explain to patients about their rights. According to the text, the measures do not apply to situations of public calamity and urgent and emergency care.

If the companion cannot stay with the patient, the healthcare professional responsible for the treatment will have to justify the fact in writing. If this is not possible, the health agency or institution must take steps to make up for the absence of the companion or personal attendant.

If the director responsible for the health unit fails to comply with the law, he will be subject to the appropriate administrative, civil and criminal penalties, according to the text.

In the justification, the deputy emphasizes that relationships of trust, privacy and confidentiality are central components of patient care.

“The purpose of the presence of a companion, whether they are health professionals or not, is to protect both the professional and the patient from possible mistrust or abuse by either party, preserving the doctor-patient relationship”, he says.

“In addition, the article ensures that there will be witnesses in case of abuse or harassment, protecting the victim, especially in the case of induced unconsciousness.”

Earlier, the deputies sent for sanction by President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) a text that deals with the navigation of patients with breast cancer, which provides emotional support for patients with the disease, as well as help in organizing and clarifying doubts.

The program provides training to health professionals or assistance on the importance of planning and coordinating patient care from diagnosis to initiation of treatment in oncology referral centers.

It also stipulates that the patient is informed of his rights and receives support, in addition to contemplating the planning of the patient’s needs, identifying barriers in the diagnosis and treatment processes and offering solutions to facilitate treatment.

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