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Do vaccinations enhance sperm quality? -What research shows


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One of the myths surrounding coronavirus vaccination is that it has a negative effect on male fertility. However, an American research team came to the interesting conclusion that after the vaccination, the exact opposite is very likely to happen.

The rumor is not new, but widespread: Covid-19 vaccines cause infertility in men. However, several studies have shown that this is not the case. U.S. scientists addressed the issue and examined sperm before and after mRNA vaccination. They concluded that vaccines could even improve sperm quality.

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For their study, published in the journal Jama Network, researchers at the University of Miami compared sperm samples from 45 men between the ages of 18 and 50 who had been vaccinated with BioNtech / Pfizer or Moderna. Samples were tested 2-7 days before the first vaccination and 70 days after the second dose. The researchers found no differences in sperm quality. Except for one important detail: According to the scientists, in the 8 participants with noticeably low sperm levels before vaccination, a significant increase was observed after vaccination.

In case of illness, libido may be affected

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Scientists’ measurements clearly show that vaccination does not have a negative impact on fertility. It remains to be seen, however, whether the vaccines actually improve sperm quality. This is because the observed increase in sperm count could be related to the fact that the participants abstained from sexual intercourse for a long time before the second sample. In addition, the first sperm samples were taken in December, while the second in March and April. According to studies, sperm quality changes throughout the year. In other words, it is better in summer than in winter.

However, it is certain that coronavirus vaccines do not affect male fertility, the US research team concludes. However, the situation is different in case of coronavirus disease, which may have a negative effect on libido and even after recovery. As early as 2020, American and Italian scientists found that some men who became infected with the coronavirus later developed long-term erection problems.

“I recommend every man to be vaccinated”

A study published in the journal Andrology confirms that men who have recovered from Covid-19 are six times more likely to have erectile dysfunction and, in rare cases, infertility. “These scientific findings are not surprising,” wrote urologist Rangit Ramasami in an article in The Conversation. Other viruses such as mumps or Zika can also cause testicular inflammation and negatively affect fertility. “The risk of infertility and erectile dysfunction increases the more severe the coronavirus disease,” says the scientist. “All I can do is recommend that every man be vaccinated.”

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