Mila Moreira: Famous people mourn the actress’ death


Lilia Cabral, Regiane Alves, Armando Babaioff and other famous people lamented on Monday (6) the death of actress Mila Moreira at the age of 75.

On Instagram, Lilia Cabral said she was in “shock and devastated” by the news. “Sad day today for many friends, as Mila was adored by so many! She was not sick, and a sudden illness took away this beautiful woman who was an example and inspiration to many women,” he wrote.

According to a person close to the family, the actress had a gastroenteritis in Paraty (RJ) and was admitted to the emergency room of the CopaStar hospital, in the south of Rio de Janeiro, where she died in the early hours of this Monday (6).

“Dear Mila, you know how much I like you, I will continue to love you, remembering many fun moments, remembering all the advice and teachings. Dear Mila, know that you will be sorely missed. I leave my affection to the family and friends. Thank you, Mila, for everything,” completed Lilia.

Actor Armando Babaioff highlighted that Mila was a unique woman. “I’m going to miss your stories, how we got scolded for so much we talked on set — it’s just that she’s interesting. Mila, you’re unique. My feelings to friends and family. Have a nice trip,” he said.

Regiane Alves also lamented the death of the actress, with whom she worked twice. “Owner of a unique sympathy and elegance. My feelings to family and friends,” he wrote.

Moreira started her modeling career at 14 years old. His debut in soap operas came with “Marron Glacê”, in 1979. He also participated in works such as “Plumas e Paetês”, “Ti Ti Ti” and “O Astro”.


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