Didier Raoult warned in medical advice for promoting hydroxychloroquine


The College of Physicians warned French media scientist Didier Raoult for promoting hydroxychloroquine as a treatment against Covid-19 without relying on “confirmed data”, according to the decision sent this Tuesday (7) to AFP.

“Professor Raoult, in various vehicles and especially on his YouTube channel, provided information that was not based on confirmed data, without showing the necessary prudence”, said the Disciplinary Chamber of the College of Physicians of Bordeaux (southwest), which analyzed the case.

Since the end of 2020, the 69-year-old specialist in infections, at the head of a university medical center in Marseille (southeast France), has been the target of two complaints by the College of Physicians of the department of Marseille and by the National Council of this order (CNOM ).

The two schools criticized the doctor, with whom French President Emmanuel Macron spoke in April 2020 about the use of hydroxychloroquine, used against malaria, to fight the coronavirus, for having violated several articles of the code of ethics.

The disciplinary board also found him guilty of “publicizing a new and insufficiently tested treatment procedure in medical circles” and of addressing himself “incorrectly, rudely and even aggressively” to other doctors.

However, this instance acquitted him of “quackery” and found that the patients he prescribed the drug for did not run any undue risk by receiving the “usually recommended doses”.

Hydroxychloroquine, an active ingredient used against malaria, has not been proven effective against Covid, although it has been vehemently defended by presidents such as Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, and the United States, Donald Trump.


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