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West Nile virus: Four more new cases in last week – To 282 total


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26 deaths have been recorded in patients infected with the virus

Total from beginning of the 2022 season, until October 18 (11:00 a.m.), have been diagnosedi 282 domestic cases of infection from his virus West Nile in Greece, of which 183 had CNS manifestations (CNS, encephalitis and/or meningitis and/or acute flaccid paralysis) and 99 cases had mild manifestations (e.g. febrile illness)/ no CNS manifestations , according to the weekly epidemiological report of EODY.

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During the last week, from the previous weekly report to today, they were diagnosed four new cases.

26 deaths have been recorded in patients with viral infection and CNS manifestations, aged over 61 years (median age of deceased = 85 years). Three additional deaths of patients with diagnosed West Nile virus infection were attributed to other serious co-occurring health problems (not included in the total number of deaths).

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Cases of West Nile virus infection in Greece have been recorded in settlements in the Metropolitan Municipality of Thessaloniki and in the Regional Sections of Imathia, Kilkis, Pella, Pieria, Halkidiki, Serres, Trikala, Larissa, Kavala, Drama, Fthiotida, Evia and Lefkada.

It is considered possible that further cases will be diagnosed in the coming period, reports EODY.

In the European Union and in its neighboring countries, cases of DN virus infection have been recorded – apart from our country – in: Italy, Romania, Hungary, Germany, Croatia, Austria, Spain, France, Slovakia and Serbia.

EODY emphasizes that the epidemiological surveillance of the disease, the timely implementation of appropriate integrated mosquito control programs and the adoption of personal protection measures against mosquitoes are the most appropriate measures to control the disease.

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