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How the fear of losing control can amplify your anxiety


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A new study shows that the fear of losing control can reveal a number of anxiety disorders that you haven’t detected

The desire to feel more in control of your life is a given and reasonable desire for most people.

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In particular, when the world tends to change constantly, the fear that you cannot understand what is happening around you will cause you extra anxiety. But there is a big difference between wanting to be in control, and being afraid of losing control.

According to a recent study, the latter can significantly affect your mental health.

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The new study – which appears in the Journal Of Behavioral And Experimental Psychiatry – says: “New therapeutic directions and possibilities may emerge if the relationship between fear of loss of control and other mental health conditions, such as OCD and social Anxiety Disorder”.

According to study author Adam Radomsky, the fear of losing control can appear in different areas of a person’s life.

For example, while one person may fear losing control of their emotions and getting into a fight, another person may panic about losing control of their ability to calm themselves in a potential panic attack.

While there are many factors that contribute to poor mental health, Radomsky’s study argues that fear of losing control can be associated with various anxiety disorders and mental health issues.

But finding ways to deal with that particular fear can be the key to managing your mental health and well-being.

In short, if you’re someone who tends to fear losing control (and spend a lot of time creating catastrophic scenarios in your head), then addressing this particular phobia will help make a difference in your mental health. There may not be a proven method for overcoming this phobia, but understanding how it contributes to your anxiety can help you feel more self-compassion when you’re feeling down.

Also, it will help you understand how your mind works, which in turn will help you understand and deal with the reasons that lead you to this phobia.

For example, if you panic that something embarrassing will happen to you in front of other people, you should think about all the times that this did not happen to you, or you should remind yourself that you also do not pay much attention to the behavior of others at a social event and consequently you will see how unlikely a person is to engage with you at that moment.

It may sound simple, but addressing the underlying causes of stress is the best way to deal with your stress in general.

Professor Susan Krauss Whitbourne, in a summary of the study she wrote for Psychology Today, said: “Thinking about what you can and cannot control, and why you shouldn’t fear the latter, can really help you let go. to experience thoughts, actions, sensations, behaviors in more constructive ways.”

So the next time you’re afraid of losing control, take a moment to feel your emotions and understand where they’re coming from. You may not feel calm right away, but you will be able to boost your mental health and well-being in the long run, which can only be a good thing.

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