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Bladder cancer, diagnosed by Celso Portiolli, has a high chance of cure


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Although rare, the recent diagnosis by presenters Celso Portiolli and Roberto Justus shed light on the importance of early detection of bladder cancer.

The tumor is infrequent and has a high chance of cure if diagnosed early. It is estimated about ten thousand new cases in the triennium 2020-2022, against 65 thousand new prostate tumors, according to data from Inca (National Cancer Institute). Patients are mostly white men over 60 years of age.

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In most cases, bladder cancer affects the cells that cover the organ internally – the so-called transitional cell tumor, or urothelial tumors. Smoking is behind half of the records.

“Smokers are 2 to 4 times more likely to develop this cancer”, points out urologist Leonardo Borges, from Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein. Other diagnoses are associated with exposure to aromatic amines, chemical substances present in industries such as paints, dyes, rubber, among others.

Types and treatment

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There are other types of bladder tumors, such as squamous cell tumors, related to chronic irritation from bladder stones, catheters, chronic infections, and adenocarcinoma. These types, however, are rarer.

As it is not a frequent cancer, there is no indication for periodic screening, as in the case of mammography or prostate check tests. “But in routine check-ups, the doctor tends to ask for an ultrasound that is already useful for evaluating the bladder”, says Borges.

The disease usually gives symptoms at the beginning and, in most cases, is superficial and does not spread. It causes bleeding even in the early stages. Therefore, whenever there are symptoms such as pain or bleeding, you should seek medical attention.

“Although there are other possible causes, even benign, it is necessary to consider the suspicion of cancer”, says the specialist. Tumor identification can be done through urine and imaging tests.

The treatment is done through endoscopic surgery, through the urethra. To prevent the disease from returning, drugs are applied into the bladder, such as chemotherapy and immunotherapy – in these cases, BCG is used, a bacillus capable of stimulating the body’s reaction to fight cancer cells.

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