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#Hashtag: La’SUS: health center team makes Brazilian version of World Cup mascot


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The team at a health unit in Vitória (ES) made their own version of the World Cup mascot. With a piece of blue fabric and a banner from Brazil, they created La’SUS, in honor of the Unified Health System.

The name is a reference to La’eeb, the official mascot of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, which represents the traditional scarf that men wear in the country. Since the opening ceremony last Sunday (20), Brazilians have already made a series of memes and found several nicknames for him, such as “homophobic tapioca” and “a mixture of Gasparzinho and Zé Gotinha”.

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The founder of La’SUS is health agent Rose Justiniano, who works at the Praia do Suá unit. On her Instagram profile, she released a photo of the mascot with an alert about the increase in cases of Covid. “Stay smart. We are going to win this World Cup, fighting the coronavirus with the necessary care”, says the caption.

Soon, La’SUS became the new darling of Brazilians.

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