Mônica Bergamo: Hermes Pardini Laboratories record third consecutive week of drop in Covid tests


The Hermes Pardini group, a network of private laboratories with nationwide operations, recorded a 20.5% decrease in the number of Covid-19 tests carried out in the last week, from December 11 to 17, compared to the previous week, from 4 to 10 It is the third week of consecutive decline recorded.

The total number of infected recorded a slight drop of 1.77 percentage points in the period. The group has 150 own units in Minas Gerais, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Goiás and Pará, in addition to 6,000 partner laboratories in all states of Brazil.

In the state of São Paulo, the total number of people who sought a diagnostic test for the virus fell by 30.1%. Positivity, on the other hand, remained stable, with a slight decrease of 0.2 percentage points.

The epidemiologist of the group Melissa Valentine assesses that there is a stabilization in the number of cases, but it is still early to speak of a downward trend since fewer people are carrying out tests.

According to her, only the most severe cases are resorting to tests, while people with milder symptoms, most of the time, are not taking the exam.


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