Opinion – Julio Abramczyk: The drug that treats Covid-19 does not replace the vaccine


The good news for Christmas this year indicates the beginning of the use of medication for the effective treatment of Covid-19.

Soon we will have Paxlovid tablets, whose use in the United States was authorized by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) on Wednesday (22). The FDA has the same role as Anvisa (Agency for Sanitary Surveillance).

This first true drug to treat the new coronavirus was developed by the Pfizer laboratory.
It is indicated for people who are vulnerable due to age or illness, and treatment should be started when the first symptoms of the virus appear.

The results of the treatment of 2,246 patients have been presented and approved by the FDA, but have not yet been published in infectious diseases medical journals.

The treatment, according to a statement from the laboratory, consists of 30 pills taken orally, twice a day, for five days. There are 2 Paxlovid tablets and 1 Ritonavir tablet.

The new drug works by blocking the enzymes that the virus uses to replicate its genetic material, and Ritonavir’s function is to impede the body’s action to deactivate Paxlovid. It can have side effects such as altered taste, diarrhea, hypertension and muscle pain.

Paxlovid, according to the FDA, is not authorized for use in preventing Covid-19 infection and is not a replacement for vaccinations or booster doses of vaccines.


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