Opinion – Cannabis Inc.: Tarcísio de Freitas sanctions medical cannabis by SUS


Governor Tarcísio de Freitas (REPUBLICANS) sanctioned PL 1180/2019 after a long meeting with about 100 people. Politicians, mothers of patients, such as Cidinha Carvalho, founder of Cultive, and class entities such as the OAB (Order of Lawyers of Brazil) and Cremesp (Regional Council of Medicine of the State of São Paulo) were present at the Palácio dos Bandeirantes.

The text states that extracts derived from the cannabis medicine must be distributed by the SUS (Single Health Service). “The sanction is proof that persisting is worth it”, says deputy Caio França, one of the authors of the project.

São Paulo is not the first state to insert the cannabis at SUS. “Rio de Janeiro, the Federal District and Bahia regulated free distribution much earlier” says lawyer Emílio Figueiredo, specialized in the sector. “The challenge is to enforce the law. In these places, for example, CBD has not yet reached the SUS”.

“In the Federal District, the law was approved in 2016, to assist patients with epilepsy, but the product has not yet been made available to the population”, says Figueiredo. There are indeed many rough edges to be smoothed out before CBD reaches the SUS. One of them is the fact that extracts from cannabis not be classified by Anvisa (Health Surveillance Agency) as a medicine. Even with all the work that the sector has ahead of it, São Paulo has taken a big step forward.

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