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“Vitamin vape” has no scientific evidence and is prohibited by Anvisa


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Popular subject on social networks and unusual presence in some gyms, the so-called “vitamin vapes” promise to improve performance during physical activity. However, they are still electronic cigarettes.

The products are not safe, beneficial to health or developed from studies that prove their effectiveness. Anvisa and experts warn of the lack of knowledge of its composition and point out that the sale of electronic cigarettes is prohibited in Brazil.

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In an advertisement published on social networks, the company Iz Health announced a “pod [cigarro eletrônico] without nicotine”, which supposedly would offer supplements and nutrients, such as vitamin B12. In the video, the company claims that its product does not cause harm to health and promises to improve disposition and performance when exercising.

The electronic cigarette released is called “power”, which would offer the “necessary energy to carry out the most varied tasks”, in addition to guaranteeing high performance and more productive days. Other varieties of the product are also offered, such as the so-called “vitamin concentrate”, with objectives ranging from facilitating sleep to improving immunity.

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After the publication of the video, discussions on the subject went viral on the networks and the company deleted its profiles on Instagram and TikTok and kept only the YouTube channel. The first video published by the account is from May 2022, where electronic cigarettes are advertised.

THE Sheet did not find any channel for contact or official registration of Iz Health in Brazil, such as CNPJ, headquarters or official website. It is still possible, however, to find the product for sale online for around R$ 55.

Pneumologist Paulo Corrêa, coordinator of the Scientific Committee on Tobacco of the Brazilian Society of Pulmonology and Phthisiology, points out that the risks are still being studied.

“In electronic cigarettes, there are around 2,000 chemical substances, most of which are unknown,” he says. “The ones we know about, we know they weren’t studied for inhalation use.”

Although the presence of vitamins is commonly associated with health benefits, it is not known for sure which other components are present in this cigarette. Even if the advertisement indicates the absence of nicotine, Corrêa alleges that this cannot be confirmed before an analysis of the composition in the laboratory.

The expert also warns of the occurrence of Evali (lung disease associated with the use of electronic cigarette products, its acronym in English), which is related to the presence of vitamin E acetate in this type of product. “It’s not because it’s a vitamin that it’s good for health under any circumstances.”

Anvisa’s position meets the expert’s recommendation. The agency points out that the toxicity profile of the substances used is not known and reinforces that electronic devices for smoking and any accessories intended for this use are prohibited in Brazil.

In addition, the agency points out that the marketing of vitamins in the form of vaporizers is not allowed and, therefore, the product cannot be sold as a supplement. Consumption of vitamins by inhalation is also not recommended.

Corrêa says that many substances that can be ingested orally have not yet been studied for consumption by inhalation, which can lead to damage to lung tissue.

Nutritionist Debora Lima, Master’s student in Science and Health Education at UFRJ (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro), says that the principle of the product, to bring vitamins to the body through the act of smoking, does not make sense due to the way in which nutrients are absorbed. by the body, made through the digestive tract, and not the lung.

Lima points out that the consumption of supplements without the need or indication of a health professional can be harmful.

The best way to pursue a healthy lifestyle is to practice physical activity on a regular basis and maintain a good diet, accompanied by specialized professionals, if necessary, according to experts.

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