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Research: Fight fearlessly and don’t break up to keep your blood sugar low


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International research finds that marriage reduces the likelihood of diabetes, while a breakup or loss of a partner due to death increases the likelihood of pre-diabetes or diabetes

The people who are married or cohabiting with a partner are more likely to keep their blood sugar at normal levels regardless of how harmonious the couple’s coexistence is, according to a new international study.

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Previous studies have shown that marriage and cohabitation have various health benefits, especially for older people. Also that loneliness, social isolation and in general the lack of social support are related to an increased risk of type 2 diabetes.

Researchers from Canada and Luxembourg, led by Dr. Catherine Ford of the Universities of Luxembourg and Carleton in Ottawa, who made the relevant publication in the British journal for diabetes research “BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care”, analyzed over a decade of data on 3,335 people aged 50-89 without a diagnosis of diabetes in beginning of the study. The participants’ blood sugar levels were measured periodically, while their family status and other factors (income, work, smoking, physical exercise, depression, weight, social network, etc.) were also assessed.

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It was found that being married/cohabiting reduced the likelihood of diabetes, while a separation/divorce or loss of a partner due to death increased the likelihood of prediabetes or diabetes. Relationship quality did not appear to play as much of a role as having a permanent married/partner relationship.

See here the scientific publication


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