It is the most common condition of the shoulder and is actually one of the main reasons that many manual workers are unable to continue working and many people stop the sport.

Symptoms of tendon rupture

Simple, everyday habits such as opening a cupboard and feeling pain, pulling on a car seat belt and feeling discomfort in one’s arm, lying on the side of the shoulder and waking up in pain are some symptoms that should be make everyone suspect that something more serious than what they think might be going on.

Modern restoration techniques

“Right now, the most modern technique we have is the percutaneous method. Through the percutaneous method, placing the orthoscope inside the joint, we can, through the skin, i.e. without opening it and creating incisions, fix the tendon exactly at the point of the anatomical damage, in its correct position. This is very important, because we do not disturb the joint at all”, explains o Mr. Ioannis Tsolos Orthopedic Director at Metropolitan Hospital.

The advantages of the method

“As mentioned, the most important advantage is that we do not open the tendon and do percutaneous fixation at the point of its anatomy, thus saving a lot of time in the rehabilitation. With the old method, it took about 6 to 9 months for full recovery, but now, within three months, the patient can return to full activity. In addition, it leaves no room for surgical error regarding which tears should be repaired and which should not. And if all this is taken into account that it is a bloodless and day-hospitalization method, one realizes how important advantages it has for the patient.
The conditions for the successful outcome of tendon rupture repair are the correct diagnosis, the classification and selection of the patient and of course the experience of the doctor in the new technique”, concludes Mr. Tsolos.