Sarigiannis to SKAI: The de-escalation came earlier – In 2 weeks we can reach less than 3000 cases


Professor Demosthenes Sarigiannis spoke to SKAI about the future of the pandemic in Greece and the de-escalation of cases.

Mr. Sarigiannis, after emphasizing that “we left behind the forecasts for 50,000 cases”, underlined that “in 2 weeks from now we can reach below 3,000 cases”. As he mentioned, the de-escalation in the cases came 8-10 days earlier and “we are in a phase of recession”.

He pointed out that today “about 22,000 or so” cases will be recorded, adding that at the end of January, “if we maintain the measures, and if we follow them as we feared, we can reach below 3,000 cases”.

Asked about it, he said that the 18-29 age group led this wave and very often passed the disease asymptomatically. “The cases could have been doubled.”

“This age group has a great potential for dispersion, the lack of contacts must be maintained”, he added, commenting that during the holidays, due to the fear “finally everyone gathered”.

Mr. Sarigiannis noted that “we must continue the vaccination”, emphasizing that “despite the fact that Omicron has milder characteristics, there is a risk of hospitalization”.

Finally, he commented that “teleworking helped” and said that “the strategy of multiple lines of defense is the right one”.

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