Realizing the difficulties of access to public health structures faced by the residents of the most remote communities of the Municipality of Aristotle, as well as the vital role that both health care and – above all – prevention play in the well-being of the residents of the area, the mining company implements important social investment in health for strengthening and supporting local services, as well as improving citizens’ accessibility to them. It is indicative that for the current year, 2023, these investments amount to 132,000 euros.

Modernization of infrastructure and strengthening of health services

One axis on which the company’s initiatives are moving is the expansion and modernization of the health infrastructure in the Municipality of Aristotelis. In this context, Greek Gold undertook the preparation of the necessary studies required for the expansion of the Arnaia Nursing Homewith a cost of 36,500 euros. This is an important project that is expected to ensure a higher standard of living and medical care for this vulnerable section of the community.

Arnea ®Greek Gold

In addition, with funding from the company, the residents of the communities of Stratoni and Olympiada have had access to free medical services for years. Specifically, the regular presence of a general practitioner in the communitieswith 4 visits a week to Stratoni and 2 to Olympiada, ensures prevention and care of the inhabitants of the two settlements without them having to travel kilometers, in the difficult local mountain network, in order to approach the nearest public structure. The annual cost of this action amounts to 27,600 euros and is fully covered by Hellinikons Chrysos.

Partnerships with meaningful impact

Another important initiative of Hellinikons Chrysos, which reflects its holistic approach to dealing with health issues in the region, is the collaboration with the Doctors of the World for preparation of a study – assessment of the region’s needs in health services, with a cost of around 5,700 euros. The goal of the study is the detailed recording of the needs and expectations of the community, in order for any future actions of the company to be more targeted and personalized as possible, ultimately offering healthcare solutions with an even greater impact, to a larger part of the population.

At the same time, the company proceeded to provision of logistical equipment to the Paleochori Health Center, worth 42,000 euroswith the aim of strengthening the care capacity of the center and improving the level of health care provided in the region.

In addition, through donation special iron removal filters, worth 14,500 eurosthe Greek Gold ensured the supply of clean drinking water for the Local Community of Pyrgadikia. This initiative helps to protect public health and improve the quality of life of local residents.

Finally, Hellinikon Chrysos proceeded to donate an amount 6,000 euros to the Association of People with Disabilities of Halkidiki Prefecture “I AGAPI” with the aim of publishing a special fairy tale for children.

Building a better healthy and inclusive future for all

The above actions of Hellinikons Chrysos demonstrate its commitment to the development of a responsible mining activity that flourishes within a healthy, inclusive, inclusive society, where no one is and should not feel “alone”.

Finally, it is worth noting that in addition to the actions of a social nature with the direct beneficiaries of the residents of the area and feeling the increased share of responsibility attributed to it, directly employing almost 10% of the inhabitants of the Municipality, Hellinikon Chrysos also has as its main concern the health and the well-being of its own employees. In particular, the company implements integrated health and well-being programs that include regular preventive checks on an annual basis, regular vaccination, mental health support services, comprehensive trainings, as well as the provision of appropriate safety equipment for the performance of any type of work, etc., with the aim to ensure the physical and mental health of its people.