Patient who fought the coronavirus in SKAI: You will regret not getting the vaccine |


The personal stories of people who fought the coronavirus are shocking. In Palamas Domokou, an entire family, a mother and two children, who were unvaccinated, died of coronavirus within 20 days.

Also, in Katerini, a 39-year-old man fought hard for his life in the intensive care unit of Papanikolaou Hospital, struck by the coronavirus.

“I almost died intubated. “It was a dream to go back to my family and see my children.”

Unvaccinated himself, he has now changed his mind and urges everyone to be vaccinated.

“It’s very painful, because if anyone is in the hospital bed where I was, I’m sure they will regret not having the vaccine,” he said.

Finally, the retired military doctor Nikos Christodoulou ended up in the ICU of Sotiria Hospital due to complications created by the coronavirus.

As a relative told SKAI, he was not a denier of the coronavirus but a denier of the obligation of vaccines.

“My view is that it did not go from coronavirus. He did not leave a coronavirus. If the reasons for admission to the ICU were the coronavirus, it was definitely the coronavirus. But he did not leave, the cause of death was not from a coronavirus. No coronavirus denier. He was a denier of the obligation of vaccines. “He did not tell his brother not to get vaccinated,” he said.

Exactly 15 days ago, his 63-year-old brother, as well as their 91-year-old mother, had passed away from the coronavirus.


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