Sarigiannis to SKAI: The most logical thing is to “sacrifice” Halloween to celebrate Easter


Professor of Environmental Engineering Demosthenes Sarigiannis spoke about a stabilization phase in which the pandemic is in our country, while he argued that it would be better to “sacrifice” Halloween in order to celebrate Easter with more relaxed measures.

Speaking to SKAI and the show “Simera”, when asked if the festive events for Halloween should be canceled, he replied: “I would like to say no, but it is the most logical approach”.

At the same time, he stressed that the pandemic is still showing signs of stabilization, but commented that the situation is still fragile: The rate of vaccinations for the third dose combined with the percentage of the population that loses immunity because, for example, has long done the two doses vaccine, makes the situation fragile, it depends on whether we will go to de-escalation after mid-February »

For her part, epidemiology professor Dora Psaltopoulou commented in view of Halloween that the problem with these forms of entertainment is that those who participate cannot be tracked.

Finally, for the high number of deaths stated the following: There is a clear explanation is a multifactorial issue, if we do not have all the data can be given the wrong answer. The health workers make the maximum effort. A special committee is needed to study the data

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