The surgical field of the Metropolitan General Hospital is a point of reference in the field of modern surgery for any kind of condition that requires invasive treatment. It includes a wide range of clinics and is staffed by appropriately trained and specialized medical and nursing staff who are close to the patient 24 hours a day and provide all possible care.

Consists of

• Vascular surgery clinics
• Gynecology clinic – department of robotic and laparoscopic surgery
• Cardiac surgery clinics
• Center of excellence for abdominal wall hernia surgery
• General surgery clinics
• Gastroenterology – hepatology and invasive endoscopy clinics
• Breast clinics
• Obesity – metabolic disease clinics
• Plastic and reconstructive surgery clinics
• Thoracic surgery clinics
• Spine surgery clinics
• Oral and maxillofacial surgery clinics
• Neurosurgical clinics
• Orthopedic clinics
• Urological clinics
• Ophthalmological clinics
• Otolaryngology clinics

At Metropolitan General, a state-of-the-art surgery complex is installed which includes 13 operating theaters and a septic surgery room, Lithotripsy Unit and Day Care Unit (ODC). Each room is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, featuring state-of-the-art robotic and digital machines as well as the most modern imaging and anesthesia equipment.

For example, they have:

• The DaVinci Xi robotic surgical system
• ROSA and NAVIO robotic assistance systems for knee arthroplasty
• The O-ARM portable surgical imaging system for 100% accuracy in the detection and management of spine and brain pathology
• State-of-the-art digital navigation systems

All of the above forms a state-of-the-art operating room that allows the application of the most advanced surgical techniques and the performance of complex surgical operations, in conditions of maximum security.

Surgical procedures with the world-leading Da Vinci Xi robotic system

Metropolitan General has the Da Vinci Xi system, the highest technological advancement in the field of robotic surgery. Da Vinci ensures: greater flexibility, stability and precision in the surgeon’s movements, three-dimensional and high-definition imaging, access to hard-to-reach anatomical points, a significant reduction in hospitalization time, faster recovery and return to daily activities, better functional and aesthetic results for the patient patient.

It is mainly used in the specialties of Urology, General Surgery, Gynecology and Bariatrics. Da Vinci is operated only by certified robotic surgeons supported by a specially trained team (nurses, technicians).

Reference center for orthopedic procedures

Metropolitan General’s Orthopedic Department collaborates with distinguished orthopedic surgeons, supported by the Clinic’s imaging laboratories, emergency rooms, and physical therapy department.

All innovative surgical techniques and treatments are applied such as minimally invasive techniques, fast-track recovery protocols, advanced arthroscopic techniques, robotically assisted orthopedic operations using navigators or digital systems and 3D imaging using special glasses and advanced software.

Metropolitan General is one of the few clinics in Greece that has the two most advanced robotic assistance systems, ROSA and NAVIO, for knee arthroplasties of extreme precision, with minimization of complications and an excellent functional result for the patient.

In addition to investing in modern technologies with the aim of upgrading its infrastructure, Metropolitan General attaches great importance to the best possible care of the patient and the feeling of safety in the hospital environment during his hospitalization. For this reason, all the medical and nursing staff are close to the patient, developing an environment of trust and support, following international safety and quality standards.

*The Metropolitan General Hospital is a member of the Hellenic HealthCare Group, the largest health group in Greece, and is located at 264 Mesogeion Avenue in Cholargo.