Visit to General Hospital of Thessaloniki “Agios Pavlos” as well as at the “Nikos Kourkoulos” Day Hospital Unit, was held by the Deputy Minister of Health, Marios Themistokleous, where he spoke with the hospital administrations and the medical and nursing staff.

Mr. Themistokleous mentioned the renovation of parts of the hospital and the upgrading of its equipment. He also spoke about recruitment to the National Health Service, even announcing that in the next 20 days there will be another announcement for the recruitment of a large number of medical staff.

In the context of his visit to “Agios Pavlos” General Hospital, the Deputy Minister of Health said: “”Agios Pavlos” hospital played a very important role during the pandemic. The equipment has already been upgraded from financial programs, there will also be an energy upgrade of the hospital, as well as the renovation of parts of the hospital and the emergency rooms with resources that will exceed 10 million euros.

According to him, very soon there will be from the Ministry of Health “initiative to deal with the lack of staff – which mainly concerns specific specialties, especially here in Thessaloniki, pathologists and anesthesiologists – and in the context of the opening of the profession but also with other motives. At the same time, the procedures for the 10,000 recruitments in the health sector are progressing, of which 6,500 will be done within 2024, as the Prime Minister has announced. Of these, more than 1,500 concern doctors and we are already in the process where the notices have started. About a month ago we had the announcement of 230 medical staff positions. There will be within the next 20 days another very large announcement of medical staff and the ASEP procedure will be followed by the large announcements of nursing and other staff”.

Mr. Themistocleus he stressed that “a very specific plan is needed. The problems cannot be solved overnight, but there is a very coordinated plan in terms of recruitment and various moves to make the NHS more attractive.”

The Deputy Minister of Health also visited the decentralized “Nikos Kourkoulos” Day Hospital Unit of “Theageniou” Hospital, which was reconstructed and equipped with a donation of Mariannas Latsis to the Thessaloniki Cancer Hospital “Theageneio” and is housed in the building facilities of the Hellenic Cancer Society in Pylaia, Thessaloniki. The Unit staffed by A.N.Th. “Theageneio” serves at least 35,000 oncology patients annually and every month 2,700 treatments are carried out – on average – and is a model hospital unit in Greece and abroad.

During his visit, Mr. Themistokleous was guided around the premises of the Unit and saw up close the operation of the robotic cytostatic drug dissolution systems, which have been installed and are in full operation since 2022. It is noted that during this period and until today, over of 54,000 oncology patients through the Unit’s two robotic systems.