February 15th has been established as the World Childhood Cancer Dayhonoring all the children and their families fighting the disease.

According to the World Health Organization, every year 400,000 children and adolescents are diagnosed with some form of cancer.

In our country every day a child or teenager will be diagnosed with the disease. However, according to the Medical Association of Athens, the encouraging thing is that today there are important weapons in the quiver of science.

So, over 80% of children with cancer are cured and have a good quality of life.

THE early diagnosis significantly increases the survival rate of these children, emphasizes ISA.

For this reason, parents should be aware of symptoms of the disease and to contact the pediatrician in time.

At the same time, improving childhood cancer care and treatment must be a priority for the state.

With early diagnosis and specialist treatment and support childhood cancer can be cured.