The General Secretary of the Central Committee of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoubas, in his speech today in the Parliament on the bill for “equality in civil marriage, amendment of the Civil Code and other provisions” pointed out that the bill does not come to legally regulate the cohabitation of two adult people who they have same-sex sexual orientation which is their individual right, but “here we are talking about the relationship of adults with children and since we are talking about children we are by definition talking about an issue that concerns society and goes beyond the individual desire of adults”.

“Is it possible,” he said at the beginning of his speech, “that the specific ND bill, supported by the other parties, is so progressive and in favor of people’s rights, from a government that is currently launching a major attack against the students who are struggling for their right to public and free education, to the right of farmers to survive and feed on cheap products, to the right to public and free Health by opening evening clinics, to the right to the 8-hour shift that has been abolished by the laws of Hatzidakis and others? ».

Speaking on the bill, he pointed out that “the KKE positions itself with the interest of the children as the main criterion” which is the quintessence of its position.

He added that “the bill is neither neutral nor trivial and does not simply resolve issues concerning the relationship of children who already exist with the partner of the biological or adoptive parent, problems that can largely be resolved with the existing legal framework. On the contrary, it brings substantial changes in what concerns childbearing, childrearing, in the direction of even more generalized commercialization, but also in the legal recognition of parental care”.

He reminded, among other things, that the KKE has condemned the attitudes and actions against people with same-sex sexual orientation, while it has also submitted specific proposals for the protection of every person from all kinds of discrimination.

He underlined that “the real shield of protection for every person who suffers multiform violence is built every day in events of social life and that is why the KKE and the KNE take the initiative in workplaces, unions, associations, neighborhoods and condemn such phenomena”.

He emphasized that in the “bloody road of laws and European directives that all governments have passed and that treat contemporary social needs as a “cost” that must be limited because it reduces the competitiveness and profitability of domestic and EU capital and the so-called “endurance” of the capitalist economy, no individual right can flourish in interpersonal relations’.

He rejected the “homophobia” of the KKE and spoke of a “systematic distortion” of the party’s positions.

Regarding cohabitation, he said that the KKE supports “any proposal for equal, truly free cohabitation and not one or another form of marriage as an economic relationship or as an institution that shapes joint parental care”.

He said that “civil marriage is an outdated institution” and underlined, among other things, that “based on the interests of the children, if they wanted to give an outlet to the anxieties of young people, they would adopt the proposals of the KKE for the regulation of a series of issues”.

It said the government “claims to institutionalize the right of same-sex couples to have children together, concealing the reactionary framework that all governments have created on child protection issues by privatizing adoption and commercializing foster care.”

He underlined, among other things, that the position of the KKE is that “the support of vulnerable children must be the exclusive responsibility of the state with the development and staffing of the necessary infrastructure”.

D. Koutsoubas made it absolutely clear that “the clear position of the KKE against the civil marriage of same-sex couples has to do with the fact that civil marriage automatically produces joint parental care and abolishes motherhood and fatherhood.

“No matter how much Mr. Mitsotakis is ‘beaten’ that the bill does not mention parent 1, 2, 3, this will be done automatically,” he noted, citing the paternity certificate approved by the EU and voted for by all parties, except the KKE.

In conclusion, he noted that “the KKE will vote against the principle, will vote against certain articles and will vote in favor or “absent” in some others that promote some modernizations concerning both same-sex and heterosexual couples, but in no case will it give an alibi of a fake progressiveness in the government as the other parties do”.